Protocols & The Peer Stack

The cloud and the web stack is formidable. Centralised entities can setup multi-locations and replicate data across the globe and scale at marginal cost, costs that keep getting lower.  Contrast this with the current Peer Stack, even installing the basic infrastructure to host a website on your own computer to the Internet is not easy. However until a peer to peer network hits a critical scale we cannot guarantee a service or website will be available.  Bitcoin , the Internet money peer stack shows what is possible, the largest and most trust computer network ever created.  The Peer Stack needs to widen is capability for a peer sovereign Internet.

Peer Stack developers and participants need to coordinate and collaborate new networks and tools are coded. A sensor measure data allow an unknown algorithm with the fuel to help a peer with e.g. their health.  The heathscience network is work on the following contributions to the peer stack:


safeFLOW – ecs

Knowledge Bundle Ledger