We are an embryonic information society learning our way.  We need to upgrade our thinking and tools to live in balance with nature and each other.  We are working on a set of collective intelligence tools and peer to peer protocols to put health in our hands and hard drives.

network status: experimental 0.6

safeFLOW - ecs

A protocol for the coordination of coherence. Performs the data flows and computations. A hybrid data science work flow engine, computer games simulation engine and authority over making ledger entries. github

Networked Self

Our bodies are made from a network of cells.  We can learn from self experimentation or practicing quantified self but we can learn much more from each other, the networked self.

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Bioregion Lifeboards

How do we share local community knowledge  on our environments health?  Are weather patterns, water flows in a local rivers or the air quality we breath changing?

Setup a bioregion


Those familiar with cryptocurrency will use wallets to control private keys and mange their currencies.  In the healthscience network Toolkits are used to managed keys along with practical tools for visualising and managing data.

Data Science Toolkit through a graphical interface.

Network Library Toolkit make data interoperable


Peer Stack - for developers

 The network is built on the concept of a peer stack. In this network we are working with and using the following peer to peer infrastructure:


Is peer to peer infrastructure that allows us to connect and share data securely.

Knowledge Bundle Ledger

A personal log of data and computations that can be used to provide proof of evidence to other peers in the network


Many data stores can be plugged in to the network

Open Source