We are building the health oracle Protocol.  We need to upgrade our thinking and tools to live in balance with nature and each other.  Oracles are a way to share collective intelligence.  All code open source.

Network Experiments

Design, build and connect peers into combined experiment DAO’s


A data science work flow / compute, computer games simulation engine and authority over making ledger entries. github

Knowledge Bundle Ledger

A data structure to secure network experiments and  guarantees for decentralized machine learning

Stable Subscriptions

Plug into a smart contracting blockchain to secure payments


Those familiar with cryptocurrency will use wallets to control private keys and manage their currencies.  In the healthscience network Toolkits are used to managed keys along with practical tools for visualising and managing data.

Data Science Toolkit perform Bento Box Data Science through a graphical interface.

Network Library Toolkit connect any data source and make data interoperable.


Community projects

Networked Self

We can learn from self experimentation or practicing quantified self but we can learn much more from each other, the networked self. learn more

Bioregion Lifeboards

Share local community knowledge  on our environments health?  Are weather patterns, water flows in a local rivers or the air quality we breath changing? learn more

For developers

 The decentralised oracle network is built on the concept of a peer stack.

Knowledge Bundle Ledger: a novel data structure used to provide proof of evidence and guarantees to coherence.

Reference Contracts: a limited set of ‘smart’ contracts to build network experiments

PeerLink: Decentralised  peer to peer network infrastructure.

Storage: data stores can be plugged in to the network via the network library.

Open Source